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Danny Vermeeren

Danny Vermeeren

  • Senior Agile Coach
  • Agile Trainer
  • Agile Transition projects
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Team Building from the Reptile Brian Paradigm

Some call me "Team Doctor"

Some people call me ‘Team Doctor’. Why? Because I’m known to detect the none visible and limiting team dynamics very quickly. And also known to be able to convert teams into Real Agile Teams, within 3 Months. No matter in what kind of State the Team is at the start.

These transformation skills are a result of 20 years’ plus experience in; using applied psychology in Team building, Agile ways of working and serving in different Management roles. Due to this experience I have become highly sensitive for the NONE VISIBLE, BUT DETERMINING, dynamics within Teams, Departments and Companies and how to “fix” these quickly and sustainable.

This all led to a proven approach of transforming Teams into Real Agile Teams within Three Months;

1st Month: “Sniffing at” the none visible limiting team/department dynamics. Searching for the none visible fears/worries of Team Members and Management.

2nd Month: Together which each Team and Management Member we creatively design supportive Agile Scrum structures and methods, now fully supported and embraced.

3th Month: Transformation into a Real Agile Team

Many organisations -DO- Agile Scrum, but they are NOT (yet) REAL AGILE.

Studies shows that the root course for this is that deep down the Team members don’t feel save enough and Managers don’t feel comfortable enough, to fully embrace Agile. Instead of becoming real Agile, the organisation is now heading to become a SINO organisation. (Scrum in Name Only).

Here my transformation skills will help you and your organisation to transfer, within a year, to a real Agile organisation.

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